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About Me


 I've always been interested in the naughty aspects of life and sexuality. I love to do anything I'm not supposed to do. I learned early on that I had
the power to make men feel any way I want, and I enjoy using their desire to interact with Me for My benefit and amusement. While My extensive
experience has made Me an expert Dominatrix, it is My innate ability to understand the needs and desires of My play-partners that makes Me an
addictive Mistress. It is My pleasure to expose and exploit your desires, seductively maintaining control of you at all times. A natural born tease,
I have always loved to use My beauty, strength and intelligence to seduce and control people. I am accustomed to being desired, admired, 
respected, and feared by men, and I like it that way. I enjoy a wide range of approaches to Domination, but I do not go into a different character
when I play. Mistress Raya is the real Me, I live this lifestyle 24/7. I consider your fetishes the vehicles by which I can gain control of you, but make no mistake about it
Those who are lucky enough to play with Me, learn that I probably know more about what they need than they do. I genuinely enjoy what I do and
find it very rewarding. I love to laugh in sessions, and hope that everyone can be relaxed enough to make the most of Our time together. I strive
to provide an environment where we can explore and learn from each other. While I enjoy various scenarios which can range from light to
extremely intense; safety is always My priority,  I value My privacy as well as yours, discretion is always assured.

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